The Sisters of Agonizing Compliance

These three nubile creatures look like blue scarred and bruised women wrapped in spiked chains that incessantly rattle and slide across their forms, to their obvious pain filled delight.


A triad of Kytonic evil, these Sado-Masochistic Outsiders regard you with wicked eyes dark and expressive, and the way the many spiked and bladed chains that they are clad in move also give you cause for concern. Their voices are husky, sultry moans of pain wracked ecstatic pleasure, and what they offer is an eternity of transcending pain and horror.

They fight cooperatively, using their chains to ensnare and torment their foes, and they chat and converse in a bizarre running commentary as they entertain one another in feats of depraved sadistic torture. Their own pain or that of another, it’s all the same to them.


These Kytons are the bound guardians in charge of keeping the Golden Dragon Rovhannan imprisoned, and they have become paragons of their kind of Kyton as a result. They adore pain and are more than happy to exact pain filled ecstasy from one another if there is nobody else about.

The Sisters of Agonizing Compliance

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