The Imprint

This scribble of brownish red ink seems to write itself across the page, words and letters fading quickly, all the time accompanied by an eery quiet scratching sound.


Sometimes appearing as words and sometimes as little doodles or drawings, this odd line of ink appears ready and able to write upon any paper or paper like surface with the writing or doodles fading after a few seconds of being written. The scratching sound one hears as the ink forms words and images is like a frail pen scribing away, but there is never any evidence on the paper that it has borne the ink.


Where this oddity comes from is unclear, but it certainly is bizarre and also possessed of a dry and sardonic wit and certain erudite intelligence. It only detects as magical when active, showing faint conjuration and transformation energies. It refers to itself as the Imprint and there is a suggestion of the masculine if gender is considered, but that’s quite a reach for what is in effect a line of magically animated writing.

The Imprint

Accitaine AndyGlen