Ruprecht Schalko

Tall and strong looking, this lean faced man has a well trimmed functional beard and shoulder length greying brown hair. His grey eyes are watchful, with small laughter lines at the corners.


Armoured with a mail shirt under his coat, he also carries 2 daggers (one in a boot and one at his waist), a hand crossbow (treated with the odd drug or 2), a pistol and his long serving Masterwork basketed longsword. He also carries some alchemically made items to aid in his duties.

His appearance to many is a shock, for his once well trimmed beard seems unkempt as is his wild seeming hair and his eyes have a deep set haunted look, rarely blinking and seeming to look through people.


Clad in a well cut but slightly unfashionable coat, hard wearing breeches with leather patching on the inside crotch and legs and wearing practical brown knee boots, Inquisitor of the Eye Ruprecht Schalko looks the part of a man of action, undimmed by his years of service and only walking with a slight hitch in his left leg due to some old injury. He has served the Society since his late teens when he graduated from the School of Divinity in the Heidelgard city of Treest, and now at the age of 38, he has 20 years under his belt as an active defender of humanity and society.

Less flamboyant than other Inquisitors, he prefers to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and as little collateral damage as possible. Regarded by some of the more hard lined in the Eye as soft hearted, he nonetheless has no hesitation putting down correct threats and few doubt his overall conviction.

Married to Ekatia and with 3 children (2 girls of 14 and 12, a boy of 9), he is also a loving father and husband, and his family home is in the small village of Reutzen on the coast.

He is known to be incorruptible and has never been known to use his position as an Eye Inquisitor to enrich himself; would that some others in the Society were so conscientious.

Update: The loss of his wife and children to an outbreak of plague has forever changed this man, and the circumstances of the fate of his family and that of the village of Reutzen seem to have driven him to the point of breaking, much to the alarm of his Acquitant Peter and indeed the local Society ( he is the best Inquisitor and Undead Hunter they have in Heidelgard, bar none). Now unpredictable and half mad with grief and other emotions, the Society’s best hope in facing the Undead menace in Heidelgard hangs by the slenderest of threads.

Ruprecht Schalko

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