Rovhannan Magnarravax

A huge golden scaled dragon, with a sweep of majestic horns and deep piercing eyes like molten gold; his presence is both humbling yet uplifting.


45 feet long from nose to tail, this huge and magnificent Gold Dragon moves with more grace and ease than something his size should have any right to, and the aura that surrounds him can be either uplifting and empowering or overwhelmingly fearful and fire filled depending on whether he approves of current company or not, respectively.

His voice is a deep baritone with a richness impossible in a mortal and he has a surprisingly mellow manner, except when roused to anger and righteous wrath against evil.


Gold_Dragon_by_BenWootten.jpgImprisoned within the Orb of Dragons that is his prison, Rovhannan was stuck in the time frozen world of the Orb for a very long time now, and very much wished to be free.Bound to power and serve the Orb and its owners for many hundreds and likely thousands of years, he had become philosophical about his situation, though enraged if used to enact unworthy acts. Freed by the party and also empowered by Calliszia, he is now a staunch friend and ally to the party, having sworn his loyalty to their cause and his allegiance in particular to Calliszia.

He appreciates a good story well told, music and has a dry understated sense of humour, though his temper is fierce if he is presented with injustice and evil.

Rovhannan Magnarravax

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