Roald Kestril

A gnarled looking figure in dirty dark clothing, with lank hair falling around the horrific, scarred and fleshy face/mask he wears. His eyes are jet black and have nothing good of humanity in them anymore.


A dangerous and deranged individual, he carries no obvious weapon but his spindly long fingers seem powerful and threatening, and his limbs seem wrong, like they are a little too long. His voice is often quite calm and rational seeming, despite the strange aberrant things he says or seems to believe. He has exhibited the magic of Invisibility thus far, and also the ability to armour himself when needed, but what offensive magic he has is so far a mystery.


Roald Kestril was a promising alchemical student at the Kaastig University in Heidelgard City, but was thought lost in a senior professors experiment that went awry 3 years ago, one that destroyed a decent lab, killed a few staff, including, it is thought, Roald. Now he (or someone claiming to be he) appears to have resurfaced, performing bizarre, dangerous and not a little Heretical experiments and works of his own on the denizens of the sewers and undercity. He also now seems to be an Arcanist (or maybe he always was, who knows), and a self professed servant and proxy of what he terms “Other Powers”, though he is coy about what he means, merely referring to them as “the voices that must be obeyed”.

Before all this, he was the son of a plum farmer in central Heidelgard, and in every way nondescript and unassuming, though his University lecturers and professors did indicate he had a keen and agile mind.

He does make mention of fighting a foe other than conventional humans and human society, and seems opposed to someone called Aadza Karheisen, who in turn seems to serve someone or something called the First Denied.

Roald Kestril

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