Reverend Moebius Kolaak

An ascetic looking man, tall and thin with close cropped dark hair greying at the temple and brown eyes.


Wearing severe frock coat and tight breeches with worn knee boots, the only thing that shows this man is a Reverend of Korvaio is his holy cravat and the Rune of Korvaio pin holding it in place. He walks with a slight lean forward, one hand clenched behind him and the other flicking out a stout walking cudgel with each step; the steady and authoritative crack of the iron shod rod is distinctive and some might say a signature of his.

When it rains he wears his wide brimmed hat, and when it is hot he fans himself with it from time to time.


One of the most senior non Society (or Non-afiliated) Clerics in Heidelgard City, he is respected by his fellows, and held in slightly less disdain by Clergy of the Heart than his peers. His charitable acts within the GaartenKwarteer are widely known and lauded, and his congregation is at the ancient BegeerStraat Church within that district. It is run as a mission by himself, his wife and a varying number of enthusiastic volunteers and prospective religious students, and does what it can and a fair bit more to improve the lot of the parish, including the Churches ancient cemetery dating back to before the cataclysm. The cemetery is a welcome splash of greenery within the grinding poverty of the district, and one he protects with great effort and purpose.

He is in his early middle years but still possessed of the vigour of his youth, and though some may find him terse and taciturn, those he warms to discover a dry good natured wit lurks beneath the sometimes brusque exterior.

He is an active defender of his parish, and has formed a stout hearted militia to help keep criminals and bad hearts from his parish. He himself is no shrinking violet when it comes to facing villains, and his great grandfathers walking cudgel is a capable weapon against the wicked.

He does have some light leather armour that he wears when expecting trouble, but otherwise he relies on faith, good judgement and a good stick to stay safe.

Reverend Moebius Kolaak

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