Rafassi Abatt

Slightly below average height and lean verging on skinny, this dreadlocked man has a wizened lined face, dark skin and merry twinkling eyes that glint with mischief and good humour.


Wearing the simple white and gold loose flowing robes of a Cantabrian Clergy member (a Holy Seeker to give his correct title), this man of indeterminate years walks with an agile quickness and gestures with graceful hand movements. He carries no weapon, but then again seems to need no weapon other than himself and his faith in Korvaio. He does have a belt under his robes where he keeps a few pouches and odds and ends he might need, but in general his needs are small. One can see on his chest when his robes move that there is a tattoo of the Korvic symbol, traditional and to be expected.


He has been a Holy Seeker all his days since a young lad, and like almost all members of the Kessavine Church of Korvaio, carries no more than he needs and devotes himself to matters of faith and good deeds. Currently attached to the Cantabrian Embassy in Heidelgard City, one assumes he helps attend to the Church within that sizeable structure, though he has a habit of wandering off into the city streets to see what he can see.

He is a true Cantabrian in matters of entertainment as well, and greatly enjoys the Deshara theatre style. His boundless energy and good will seems limitless, and on the few occasions where a mugger or other criminal tries to take advantage of him, he incapacitates the miscreant(s) whilst gently chiding their career path.

Rafassi Abatt

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