Queen Margeurite Vegau Gilhender Treesten Vigerhen

A graceful and glacial woman of advanced years, her blonde hair spun with silver and her green eyes that can pierce and sparkle in equal measure.


Clad in expensive and classical style, this woman in her 60’s has little in the way of jewellery and her clothing is understated, though her demeanour is anything but. Seemingly haughty, elegant and graceful, Queen Margeurite is a woman of power and wears it like a second skin. In her youth she was accounted one of the most beautiful women in the known world, and though the years have come to her she has improved and become more stately, her charisma and allure undiminished.

Accompanied at all times by 2 noble ladies at court in slightly less expensive clothing (though still superb), she commands a room by her entrance and presence, and keeps her speech to the point, allowing others to make fools of themselves or impress her depending.


A powerful aristocrat and Heir to the Duchy of Gillender (of which Treest is the Seat and Capital) before she was married to Maximillian, Marguerite has always been accustomed to power and privilege yet also aware of her responsibilities to her subjects. She may not have the same view or approach as her husband and youngest children regarding familiarity with the masses, her many charitable concerns and initiatives have made a great impact upon many, with several hospitals scattered throughout the land that she has established, along with a number of schools for the young that are not affiliated with any religious group.

She is also the Duchess of Gillender and ruler of Treest in her own name and she spends a lot of time there. It is an open secret that the Members of Parliament that represent her Duchy make a point of consulting her on matters, and woe betide the ones who do not.

She is ferocious when it comes to defending her children, husband and people (in that order), and her waspish and sharp tongue has been the unmaking of a number of foolish noble scions and like souls who offend her.

Queen Margeurite Vegau Gilhender Treesten Vigerhen

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