Pieter Goossens

A man of tall lanky frame, with his brown hair tied back and his blue eyes set in an angular yet handsome countenance.


Clad in the darker blued jacket and breeches of a sharpshooter in the Heidelen Army, he has the yellow and black flash on his sleeves of the 1st Light Company of the 1st Infantry Regiment and also has his markings showing he is of the 10th Army battlegroup. His musket may have once been standard issue, but it has been modified significantly to this soldiers personal preferences and is now its own work of art. He has a dagger at his waist and a shortsword as well for those rare moments when foes close with him. His muskets modifications mean that it cannot fit a bayonet, but he seems to manage just fine.

His marksmanship is impeccable and is the toast of the 10th army.


Corporal of Skirmishers Pieter Goossens is a career soldier, now in his late 20’s and a volunteer from the age of 16. He hails from the southerly lands of the Heidelen region called Traelenn whose regional capital is the spa town of Mechten, though he is a country boy at heart. Pious and given to his prayers in the morning, night and at meal times, his habit of murmuring prayers when he aims and fires seems odd to some, but he doesn’t care, and he believes that the Divine guides his aim to be true.

Unmarried, he seems to be holding himself back for the right woman, a shame since despite his at times severe manner, he has a dry sense of humour and is quite handsome in his way, even if his nose is slightly longer then handsome normally dictates.

Pieter Goossens

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