Peter Sondus

Medium height and sturdily built, his shoulder length hair is ginger, as is his beard, and his features are sharp with a pointy nose.


An Acquitant (assistant, bodyguard, general helper) to Inquisitor Schalko, he has served as the right hand man to Ruprecht for over 12 years, and they have shared many scrapes and battles together. Now more friends than master and servant, they share an easy camaraderie and their families stay in the same village as neighbours. He wears no nonsense all weather clothes with a pair of comfortable and thick soled boots (“bloody caltrops can sod off”), and has a mail shirt under his coat. Armed with a dagger, longsword, pistol and his pride and joy “Eva” (a Masterworked Musket), he is a reassuring sight next to his Inquisitor. He’s 36 years old.

Peter was a militiaman turned mercenary, hailing from the town of Tollbridge (“It had a bridge and they charged folks to cross it; if there was more they’d stick it in the title believe you me”) in the Marcher Principalities, and he fell in with the Inquisitor during a complex series of events resulting in them chasing an Arcanist Necromancer for different reasons. With their mutual assistance, they cornered and defeated their man, and since then, they’ve been inseparable.

Peter says he only sticks around for the pension, but even a fool with no Sense Motive could see that’s the farthest from the truth and the obvious friendship and good regard that exists between he and his Inquisitor.

He likes a good pipe, a good pint and the warmth of a fire of an evening next to his long suffering but loving wife and 2 boys, but often is happy to settle for an evening in the pouring rain helping his friend and employer do their just work.

Update: With the fate of his friend Ruprechts family known, and his own family luckily surviving, Peter is extremely concerned and worried about the state of mind his best friend and superior Ruprecht; he feels a great deal of sympathy, pity and concern for his friend coupled with guilt about his own family’s survival, for he has been through too much over the last year or so not to have been profoundly traumatised and driven to the point of insanity.

Peter Sondus

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