Padron Baddros

A young man of medium height, sturdily built with a pleasant enough face, short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. Calloused hands and sunburnt skin shows a hard-working and outside life.


His clothes may be inexpensive and functional, but they are as clean as he can keep them and well mended and maintained by the patchwork and darning. He carries a bag of tools, bears a quarterstaff and has a dagger at his waist as well.


Hailing from one of the smaller Freetowns of the Midland Duchies, Padron is a husband and father at the young age of 21, with his wife Gerta and his son Tam and his daughter Elsa. He is a young builder, labourer and has all the skills needed to be an engineer and architect if he has the right opportunity.

Good natured, protective of his beloved wife and his cherished children, he is a simple man who knows right from wrong, and always tries to do right by everyone he meets.

Padron Baddros

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