Merydia Maas

A woman of slightly above medium height with long dark hair, grey eyes and beautiful fine features and porcelain like skin.


Wearing the best of modern fashions, Lady Merydia Maas (an Honorific Title given she is heir to her fathers estates and he is very much alive) is an impressive figure, and is every inch the well heeled and impeccable noblewoman. She favours dark blue as her colour, and is often accompanied by armed retainers and servants when abroad doing her fathers will.


The eldest of Lord Maas’ children at 27, she is as yet unmarried by design of both her and her father many suspect, for she is extremely eligible and frequently courted by influential sons of other noteworthies; she is a very action oriented noblewoman, indulging in hunting, the study of swordcraft at the Bruno Sattari Fencing School and the learning of the family trade, for she is by far the most capable of the Maas children and the officially nominated Heir to the Maas holdings and title. She has a reputation for being a vicious and deadly duellist, haughty and arrogant but this is also tempered with being calculating, astute and utterly ruthless. Her coterie of fellow duellists and nobles who frequent the Sattari school are known as the Hellions and amongst the more elite and snobbish noble troupes.

Merydia Maas

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