Merten Sivennius

Impeccable in uniform, this sandy haired man in his 40's has a pleasant and genial expression, with warm brown eyes and an affable manner.


The deep blue of an Officers uniform in the Heidelen army suits this man to the tee, and he doesn’t wear the usual wig that male officers in the army wear (like all of the soldiery in the 10th Army Battle Group he dispenses with it as a needless frippery), an affectation and sign of respect to their wig hating General, he is meticulously turned out at all times. His sword is of excellent quality, and tastefully free of excessive adornment. He also has a pistol in a cross sash holster just in case.

His sandy hair is collar length and well groomed, and he goes clean shaven at all times.

His voice is warm and calm at all times, and nobody has ever seen him become flustered, anxious or anything less than calm.


Adjutant-Major Sevennius is an institution within the 10th Army Battle Group of the Heidelen Army and an excellent reputation as a superlative administrator, affable man manager and seemingly effortless in his ability to organise and maintain a well ordered army.

He is from the southerly city of Mechten, a coastal city often used as a spa town and getaway for the wealthy and mannered, and he is of the gentry rather than the nobility. Unmarried due to his endless enthusiasm for his work, he has often stated that he is “wed to the 10th”.

An avid reader and noted Non Afiliated Churchgoer, his easy manner has made him many friends within his cherished Battle Group, and like all soldiers of that Corps, idolises General Xamander.

Merten Sivennius

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