A handsome, angular face framed with long night black hair, smouldering eyes, a well formed and muscled torso, curving horns and great batlike wings, with bestial legs; he's one hell of a handsome demon.


With a tattooed pair of great bat wings he uses like a stylish cloak when not in use, a pair of intense smouldering eyes that promise so much and a physique both alluring and monstrous, Mallad’Fal is an Incubus through and through. He has a few items of jewellery such as rings, an amulet and other trinkets.

He carries a pair of weapons, namely his Masterwork Scimitar and also a Masterwork Longspear.


Mallad’Fal was summoned in secret by Comatko before the Cataclysm, and the Demon remained bound in a circle until after the Cataclysm, when in a freak magical incident he was released and absorbed a lot of the Arcane energy that has changed him in many ways. He served Comatko willingly in the Revolt, leading a force of summoned lesser Demons called Schir, but as a result of his accident, he can no longer move more than 500 feet from the Isle and cannot approach the Palace of Steel-Blossoming. He now lairs in the Summer Palace, sending his Schir out to do his bidding, for he can be tellingly lazy. He also cannot personally enter the Observatory, for the binding magics within will ensnare him, for his true name was known to Comatko and so enscribed within a circle especially for him.

He seeks out unfound magical items and anomalies, for he feeds upon these, destroying the enchantments to grow stronger.

He also likes to fly close (but not too close) to where Kyssamon is bound, so as to hurl abuse and mock the Devil for his being captured whilst he himself flies free. Sadly, Kyssamon is more than a match regarding wit, and often sends the Incubus away in a rage.


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