A curvaceous brunette, 5 and a half foot tall with a saucy glint in her hazel eyes and a very knowing half smile on her lips.


Tanned and extremely shapely, Magda wears well fitted bodice, slit skirts and minimal jewellery that doesn’t distract from those who admire her figure and ways of movement. Her hair is past shoulder length and it often falls across one of her eyes in a manner both artful and endearing. Her voice is low, slow and every word is tinged with the possibility of innuendo, and there is a very rural Heidelen turn of phrase in her voice. She seems very worldly wise yet cheerful for her 22 years.


Magda hails from the warm farmlands of southern Heidelgard and is regarded as one Madame Sobrie’s best girls. She’s been a working girl for about 6 years since she arrived in the big city, and has known no other working life than The Petal House. She’s the big sister to most of the girls and boys working in The House, and a good friend to the others, and clearly idolises Madame Sobrie.

She doesn’t talk about her past much, and what little she has said suggests a childhood and youth she is glad to forget.


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