Lady Ysbet Koryull

A severe yet attractive woman in her forties, with long blond hair, greenish blue eyes and a sturdy set to her shoulders.


At 6 foot 2 and a wide set of shoulders, Lady Ysbet Koryull, former Knight Commander of the Order of the Hand and foremost (and again former) Paladin of the Society, this formidable woman is every inch a Toralden warrior woman, yet she completely lacks the customary devotion to Society or Toralden dogma. She is Paladin before she is anything else, and in her Marty Sash, Full Plate armour and variety of weapons she is a righteous juggernaut.


Keen strategist and tactician, excellent horsewoman and notable strict disciplinarian, Lady Ysbet was once a Pillar of the Society, Knight Commander of the Hand and also a Harmonious Lord. She has now renounced all of these things, has publicly announced that she (and indeed all Paladins in the Order of the Sworn of the Goddess) know that Blessed Korvaio has indeed died but a new Goddess has been chosen as His Successor. A mysterious event known to Paladins only as “The Call of the Goddess” has caused this change, and since then powers and magic once thought lost to clerics and Paladins have now returned to those who take this mysterious deity as their saviour and God.

The crimes of the Society, whether social or military have caused her rebellion almost as much as the call by the new Goddess, and now the Society has an implacable and unrelenting foe in the shape of their own former Commander of the Hand.

Unmarried, she has devoted her life to the Paladin way, and she will sacrifice all of herself in her defending her new Goddess and Humanity.

Lady Ysbet Koryull

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