Tall, 3 inches over 6 feet, with a magnificently chiselled physique, red skin, dark hair and swathed in long scrolls and parchments. His features are regal, imperious and proud.


Kyssamon has black horns that grow out of his back and sweep around him, pointing to the front, their sharp points gleaming in what light there is available. Parchments and scrolls of great length and antiquity are draped all across him, and his dark glittering eyes are full of devilish (ahem) good humour. His toga like robe is crimson in colour, and his languid movements paint the air of one who has seen (and likely done) it all.


Kyssamon is a Contract Devil, or Phistophilus as they know amongst themselves. He was trapped in a summoning by the traitorous apprentice to Kellestine and has resided in the summoning circle ever since, meaning he has sat in this one place for almost 500 years; to say this has been dull for him is putting it mildly.


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