Kyralli Huikstenn

A tall and slim dark haired woman with pale skin, blue eyes and fine features. She seems full of poise and grace and has a very steady gaze.


Kyralli Huikstenn wears the simple white dress (made from fine wools and linens mind you) and the Korvaio Pin at her breast as is proper for a Reverend-Sister of the Order of the Heart. Though she does not carry any weapon normally, only a fool would think she could not use one, gain one nor defend herself or what she believes in.


A native Heidelen, Kyralli comes from a well bred family in the city of Treest, but has been attached to the Cathedral in Heidelgard City for most of the 6 years she has been ordained. She serves as an aide to Cardinal Robus Truppmann, and is very good at her job.

Maintains a nice set of rooms in the Raalskheer district close to the Catherdal, and has been known to take the odd sermon as and when needed at a few different churches and gatherings.

Known to like the theatre and opera, including making surprise visits to see Deshara plays at the small theatre near the Cantabrian Embassy.

Kyralli Huikstenn

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