Kronj Saltax

A towering goliath of a man, his long dark hair shot through with grey and braided back from his face. His eyes are dark, and the cast to his features reminds you of a wolf.


His patched leather armour and clothing is faded and supple from the sea, and his belt holds 3 throwing axes, 2 daggers and a notched and vicious looking battleaxe. Tattoos across his chest and arms are visible, and despite looking to be in his 50’s, the years don’t seem to have sapped his vigour or strength somehow.


All that is known of Kronj Saltax is that he arrived some 25 years ago with Tommas Kretschmann (who had been travelling and seeing the world for a while), and seemed to hit it off with Tommas’ sister Talia. Since their marriage, he has become a fixture of the fishing village, and their 6 children are built much like their father in miniature.

He is a great seaman, blessed with a formidable temper by all accounts, and given his obviously Amarkachan heritage, a fearful curiosity.

Kronj Saltax

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