Kreutz ven Maaken

A man with close cropped red hair, a ferocious scar on his left cheek and piercing blue eyes.


Moving like a wolf amongst sheep, this dangerous man has the grace and power that only master fencers have, which makes his sometime clothing of a swordsmith seem unusual. His scar is a duelling scar, but deeper and more ragged than a mere affectation. His build and movement indicates a dangerous man with little interest in the outside world, and his voice is quietly spoken if a little dispassionate at times. He has a waspish sense of humour and with people he dislikes he exhibits the duellists traditional will to defend himself.


A master sword smith and famed duellist, Kreutz could have opened a sword school and made a huge amount of money and prestige for himself, but he prefers his artisan skills at making swords over the urge to bleed another person out. He’s notoriously hard to befriend and apart from his few servants quite solitary, and he cares not a jot for what anyone thinks of him, taking on commissions when it suits him, not when it suits others. He crafted the sword The Praying Bird for the villainous swordsman defeated by the party, and he lives in the village of Soorgen, a satellite of Heidelgard City and about a half days travel from the capital along the northern coastal road. Unmarried and in his early 30’s, he is regarded as a local celebrity despite trying hard to give his neighbours nothing to hang that tag upon.

His home is a pleasant 2 storied affair overlooking a meadow and light forest on the outskirts of the village, and his work area has a good view of the meadow.

Kreutz ven Maaken

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