Kres Megrun

A burly man in good clothes, with a broad face and hard blue eyes. His wig is of decent quality, and he bears a Bailiffs chain of office around his neck.


With a sap and a decent sword visible, plus a pistol in his waistband, this well armed fellow is what passes for the law enforcement in Duiksbraal. He wears a Masterwork Armoured Coat as his protection, and can acquire a musket should needs must.


Though a native of Duiksbraal, Kres has travelled a little and perhaps even served in the Heidelen Army. He is the Bailiff for the township and as such is the Law and the Voice for Lord Korsin Maas. He has served in this capacity for 12 years or so, and is Maas’ man through and through.

A bullying man used to having his way, he leaves the administration matters to the Mayor but is hands on with being law enforcement in the township, even maintaining a small civil defence militia of about 20 townsfolk, who have morale and enthusiasm of wildly varying amounts, depending on what is asked of them, what is being paid and how close Kres is at the time.

He’s not a nice man, though even his most loathed enemies grudgingly admit he is no coward, and whilst harsh and uncompromising, there is a degree of brutal fairness in his judgments.

He likes few people in the township, and though he despises the Saltax’s and Kretschmanns, is smart enough to avoid causing a serious feud to the notoriously dangerous and touchy fisherfolk.

Kres Megrun

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