This plain and unprepossessing man has shaggy brown hair, brown eyes and a weatherbeaten hangdog face. He dresses down for every occasion, and seems adept at remaining low key.


He wears very well travelled clothes, good for all weathers it seems, with his clothes patched and repaired beyond almost all recognition. His studded leather armour is that intermingled with his clothes by now it is hard to see where one ends and the other begins. He carries a basket hilted longsword and also a pistol, with a light repeating crossbow slung over his shoulder.


Korvuus (just Korvuus) is a man of many parts, and all you know of him is he is in his middle years, seems alert and adept at surviving in any area he ends up in, and he doesn’t seem to be a friend of the Society, or at least like them much. He seems to know a lot of people, even if they don’t know him, and he is fluent in many languages, right down to regional dialects and accents. His plain features lend themselves to Disguise quite well as it happens.

He seems to have a great interest in Calliszia Myinarra, and has charged the pc’s in keeping her safe from all threats.

Update: Korvuus, perhaps unsurprisingly, is not a mortal; he is a Solar Angel, one who bears the full name of Korvu’Aul’ Thara’Kaddu’uus, and in lost Korvic myth the Lord of Birds. He was the greatest friend and ally to the dead god Korvaio and through Korvuus, Korvaio planned the salvation of humanity by passing the Seed of Korvaio into a mortal woman. Since then he has watched and cared for that mortal womans line, waiting for the time when the new God shall arise again. That time is now and that Goddess will be Calliszia.


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