King Maximilian Vegau Vigerhen the Third

A tall and lean man in his 60's, still vigorous and hale, with silver hair, blue eyes and a neatly trimmed beard.


Tall and lean, King Maximilian is in great health and a ready twinkle in his eye. A decent swordsman, decent shot and decent leader of a nation, he is all in all, decent. Known to be a keen supporter of the University and learning, he is a popular Monarch in a nation that largely loves its monarchs, and there are no airs and graces with him in these most trying of times.


As the King in a constitutional Monarchy, he rules but also knows when his expertise and wisdom stops and that of better men and women starts; this alone makes him considerably wiser than many men and women, let alone other Monarchs.

Loves his family, his wife and his country, and in turn is loved by the same.

During the crisis he has been in great form, fighting fear and hopelessness with his own brand of leadership and hope.

King Maximilian Vegau Vigerhen the Third

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