Jollus Haasgraen

This apparition is a moaning, shrieking and sobbing image of a man, his spectral innards floating about him like tentacles and his eyes and mouth pulled open in a perpetual scream of agony.


Seemingly clad in his evening clothes, this tormented spectral figure drifts through solid objects like they aren’t there, and he shrieks and howls in a manner both horrifying and piteous. The temperature about him is cold, at times approaching freezing, and he is quite, quite frightening.


In life Jollus was a Bowmaker/Fletcher, the only one practising that ancient art in Heidelgard City. His chance encounter with Geesje Van Kuipers inadvertently sealed his fate, for he met his end in a manner that was as painful, traumatic and terrifying as one could possibly imagine, and now roams as a ghost, twisted and corrupted by what has happened to him in this world and the next.

Jollus Haasgraen

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