Hieronius Bleek

Bald as an egg, with icy blue eyes and an thin ageless face, this man has a dapper elegance to his stance and water-like grace.


His clothes are well made and sombre, and his manner is by turns acerbic and witty. Bleek carries only a dagger, but he always says his rapier like wit is his best weapon. His voice is sing song and quite melodic in its own way, and he runs his emporium like a miniature kingdom.


The proprietor of Bleeks Goods and Pawnbrokerage, his name is a byword in the GaartenKwerteer and beyond when it comes to raising fast money with no questions asked. Local Watch and authorities have little interest in what he gets up to (that’ll be the bribes then), so he carries on as he has done for many years.

Hieronius Bleek

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