Franzi Taarlo

A tall and burly looking man in a fine red waistcoat, red coat and dark trousers, his long fair hair tied back and a smile of pure bragaddacio.


In his Merry Hatchet finery, sporting a pair of hatchets at his waist and a dagger in one of his bucket topped boots, this swaggering lout epitomises Heidelen gang culture, where pride and front are as important as the ability to back up his threat.


The leader of the Merry Hatchets, Franzi is a known figure about town and regarded by some (not least himself) as a a ladies man as well as a good scrapper and delinquent. He has especial antipathy towards The Hockers gang, and is known to hold no love for the Canal Rats either.

Franzi Taarlo

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