Father Kyierst Varrsonn

A tall and burly man, typically clad in chain with his fur lined robes showing him to be a warpriest of the Schwereinnin church of Korvaio.


An unmistakeable figure, the dour and relentless Father Kyierst looks like one of the legendary northern Warpriests from Schwerisch history, with his beard forked, his greying blonde hair long and braided and his lined weathered face rarely smiling. His flinty grey eyes stare at you in judgement.

He typically carries several weapons on himself, with others on a pack animal as needed. He always carries a pistol, heavy crossbow, old styled long hilted longsword, and also his favoured weapon, an ornately carved ancestral warhammer that looks like its been killing for more years than he has been alive.


A strong opponent of The Society and a stronger opponent of evil, Father Kyierst leads a cadre of 3 other Schwerisch holyfolk, and first encounters the party in Heidelgard City for the Conclave. He is no nonsense and firmly believes that the only way to defeat any evil is to fight it until your last breath. a typically Schwerisch view. The others in his Cadre are the Warpriestess Skalva Andargrudden, and the 2 brother Clerics Varkr and Kenveg Raafsonn.

He and his Cadre have seen great evil in recent times, the rise of the Undead and the continuing atrocities wrought by Society Inquisitors and forces, and as far as they are concerned, both are foes to be fought appropriately.

He likes reading tales of courage and heroism, stirring music either martial or religious (preferably both), and approves of a forthright approach to life.

Respects the Amarkachan as he fights them, despises the Society at all times and what he thinks of Toraldens (non serfs anyways) is unprintable. In short, he doesn’t muck about.

Father Kyierst Varrsonn

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