Essy Kreutzlin

Fair of hair and complexion, this short and slight young woman has clear blue eyes and a deceptively quiet manner, and extremely easy to look at.


Clad in flattering clothes allowing ease of movement (and access), this young woman is likely in her late teens and has a soft and low voice.


Essy is a runaway from someplace rural in Heidelgard and was found selling herself on the streets by Madame Sobrie; the Madame saw that she was better than a mere streetwalker and has taken her under her wing (as she often does with all her workers), giving her a home and a place to belong.

Like all the others in The Petal House, Essy worships the ground Madame Sobrie walks on and gets on well with everyone that works there; she is known to have a surprisingly dirty way with words when the mood is upon her, all the more shocking given her soft voice and quiet demure manner. Whatever happened to her until this point is a matter of conjecture but for one so young and so seemingly innocent, she seems to know so much.

Essy Kreutzlin

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