Tall and graceful, this young man is clearly Amarkachan though dresses in a Schwerisch style and is quite comely to look at.


Clad in good quality travelling clothes in the hard wearing Schwerisch style, he also has masterworked studded leather armour as part of his clothing, and a basket hilted sword hangs from his right hip. There also appears to be a pistol in a holster at his waist and a dagger in his boot top.

He wears a well made travellers pack and has gear more than suitable for roughing it when needed.


Ditmaar (named Ditmaar Falckenn until recently, as he has recently dropped his adoptive surname) is obviously of Amarkachan extraction judging by his high cheekbones and dark hair colouring, but he seems to have a finer caste to his features that lessen the dramatic and menacing caste that many of his countryfolk seem to have. His hair is shoulder length and often braided back for convenience, but his eyes are of an amazingly green hue and quite memorable. He smiles easily it seems and carries himself with an easy grace.

He is also Duur, the older brother of Skal Dreissel, and favours their mother Diir in aspect where Skal favours their father.

He has left Schwereinn and opted to travel, looking for something but not saying yet what (perhaps he doesn’t know).


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