Colonel Eloise Korvanis

A tall and statuesque woman, long dark hair normally gathered back in a tail, clear blue eyes and very fine features; there's a wilful caste to her features that hints of a wild impetuous nature.


images__16_.jpgIn the uniform of an officer of the Heidelgard Line Infantry, with her epaulettes showing a Colonels sword and crown insignia, this woman is every inch the military woman. Her sword is a basket hilted longsword and she carries a brace of pistols tucked into her waist sash. Her walk is the strong determined step of a soldier, and her shoulders are strong and wide with a narrow waist, with the calloused hands of a skilled swordswoman. Her features are unadorned with makeup, accentuating (probably unintentionally) her pale skin and piercing eyes.


A skilled swordswoman as stated, and an excellent shot with pistol and musket, it is in her ability to lead by fiery example that she excels. Her command is nominally that of the 1st Regiment of Foot, 10th Army Group and is the 5th most senior position within that body of soldiers, the superior officers being her corresponding Artillery Regimental Colonel, her Light Cavalry Regimental Colonel, Heavy Cavalry Regimental Colonel and finally General Guy Xamander, her overall OC (Officer Commanding). At the age of 24 she is very young to hold such a senior position, though it is to be noted that her superiors excepting the General are all under 30 as well; it is known that General Xamander favours competence and skill over seniority and length of service (yet another reason for the General to be at frequent odds with his superiors). As the most senior Infantry Colonel in the Army Group, she is also a Staff Officer to the General.

She was born 3rd child into a family of grain merchants in the town of Baarvecht near the border with the Confederation of Free Towns and still has family there. Unmarried, she is dedicated to her career and like all her fellow officers and soldiers in the 10th Army Group, unfailingly loyal to her General; she is very disciplined and professional most of the time, but the one flaw in her passionate heart is that very passion, for in matters of love and the heart she can be headstrong and wild, something that exasperates her OC from time to time.

She enjoys the usual soldier activities, can drink heartily when there is the need for it, likes to play cards and also to read, military as well as conventional history being her favoured subjects though any unattached book is likely to see her attention in a quiet moment.

Her Command is about 1200 soldiers, but given the 10th Army Group is one of the less prestigious bodies, still has several Pike Companies; this means she has 700 Musket armed soldiers, but also 500 Pike, which gives her (and her peers in the group) less prestige, known to other military arms outside of the Army Group as “Stick-Luggers”. Like her General and peers, she is always lobbying for more funding to upgrade the Pike, even to issue them with Pistols if needed, but its a so far thankless task.

Colonel Eloise Korvanis

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