Chevalier Alain de Vassi-Darra

A strong man, handsome with piercing blue eyes, beard and brown hair starting to turn to grey.


In the Full Plate of a Cavalier of the Order of the Star, Chevalier Alain de Vassi-Darra is the Knight-Commander of that Order, and astride his magnificent armoured steed Satine he is the very embodiment of a heavy cavalryman.

Favouring lance and then his Bastard Sword Joyeux, he is a superb inspiration to his men and women in the order and has been described as “The Knight without Fear”.


He has led his entire order from its Headquarters in Serroya to join the Sworn of the Goddess, initially following the lead of the Paladins he and his order admire and respect, but he and his too have heard the call of the Goddess, and are now devoted to her word and will. His Order numbers a corps of Heavy cavalry some 3000 strong, alongside footsoldiers of the order numbering a further 9000 (plus support and engineers).

He is the de facto Commander of the Cavalry of the Sworn, whilst Lady Ysbet commands the Infantry and artillery forces. He is delighted to serve alongside the formidable Lady Ysbet and beyond words at serving under his lifelong hero Duc Arnaud.

Chevalier Alain de Vassi-Darra

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