Cardinal Robus Truppmann

A man of medium height with closely cropped grey hair, slim build and possessed of deep set grey eyes and sunken cheeks. His lips are thin and he never seems to smile.


Dressed in the red and black robes of a Heart Cardinal of the Society, this man is used to power and exercising it. He walks with his steel-shod staff of office (also a functional weapon of Masterwork quality as well) and often goes with a small guard of Hand soldiers as protection.


The senior Society Cardinal in Heidelgard, with his counterpart in Treest being his junior, Cardinal Truppmann has been in office for over 15 years. Well preserved for his age (presumed in his 50’s), he rules the Heart in Heidelgard and the capital in particular like his own personal demesne, and is known to be a hard taskmaster and a martinet to boot. He has reputedly little time for those not important to his immediate aims and needs, and his temper is known to be icy, ferocious and relentless. His thoughts on the Non- Afiliated Clergy are poor in the very least and it is thought had he the influence possible he would expel both them and the Kessavine Church of Korvaio from his lands; thankfully Archimandral Bulls long in place allowing the presence of the other 2 movements prevent this, but he makes them know that he Does Not Approve.

A cold and distant man, and what some would say a perfect example of the Society as a whole.

Cardinal Robus Truppmann

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