Calliszia Myinarra

This slight and slender young woman has long brown hair, hazel eyes and a tanned clear complexion. She walks with difficulty, using a stick as she goes.


Wears a nice dress for sensible travelling wear, and carries a small pack holding her worldly possessions (which isn’t much). Also has a stout walking stick made of oak that can easily be used as a club should the moment arise, a sad necessity for she was born lamed in one leg to parents too poor to afford healing for her. Still, her hardship and adversity has served only to make her try harder, and as a result she has a generous and kind nature that makes friends easily, and whilst being pretty, it is her inner character and charm that makes her truly come alive.

Update; After the night of the 30th of the Mid of Spring, Calliszia has changed in a profound way; great wings have grown from her back, her skin seems to glow slightly from within, and her eyes have a glimmer seeming to come from deep within. The aura of unbridled good that emanates from her is tangible, and though she still walks with a limp and is lamed, she no longer leans on her stick and stands straighter.


A Herbalist from the village of Riverbend on the border of Heidelgard and the Free Midland Duchies, she has left home to seek her fortune in the city of Heidelgard. Her marriage options have proven poor given her infirmity, and there is already a herbalist in Riverbend, so rather than be a burden upon her family, she has elected to travel to seek her way.

She has recently become the new “Midwife” at The Petal House, a role that sees to the many and varied health and counselling needs of the staff of that establishment; she has already become fast friends with most of them, and the Madame has placed a proprietary wing over her newest employee.

Update: The party have come to understand from Korvuus that she is an Aasimar, and in some way of vital importance to the survival of the human race; in his words, “If she dies, we’re ALL f*cked”. This is, so far as he has told them, something she knows nothing about. After the night of the 30th of the Mid of Spring, she has been revealed as what the Seer Engelmann foresaw as the Seed of Korvaio, for she bears the Divine Spark of the dead God within her, and it is her destiny to become the new God of Humanity.

Calliszia Myinarra

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