Bernie Ven Gillanders

A cheerful and often smiling young man with an exuberant mane of golden hair and blue eyes. His clothing is expensive but also eminently practical Alchemists' wear.


Good looking, but with a smile and manner that makes one wonder what he is going to do next, Bernie is what many would unkindly say is a typical product of The Kaastig University ; enthusiastic, unconcerned with explosions and possessed of a boundless curiosity and passion for Alchemy.

His travelling armour and gear is obviously top class, but unlike a typical Alchemist he also wears a basket hilted longsword of master work quality and also carries a musket and pistol, both master-worked as well. His backpack is well made with pouches and potions always within easy reach.


A roving Alchemist and young scientist at large, Bernie is in love with discovery and adventure, always keen to see what is beyond the horizon both literally and figuratively. Obviously an aristocrat or noble by his diction, he certainly does not seem like a traditional Alchemist, though his skill and verve is undoubted.

Bernie Ven Gillanders

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