Arnaud de Valuac

A slight man who seems to be somewhere in his sixties, with wavy grey and white hair, blue eyes and clean shaven. His carriage is soldier straight with a calm unhurried ease about himself, though sad eyes.


At 5 foot 9, slim and pale, this clean shaven man in his later years (in fact he is 70, and remarkably well preserved) is regarded by almost all soldiers and generals as the Greatest of the Great Captains. He has a nice though careworn face, sad blue eyes and his voice is surprisingly soft, except when he raises it, when it is soft yet carries far and with weight. He wears a rapier at his side along with a brace of double barrelled pistols in his sash, and his faded pink jacket is notable amidst all the other uniforms and fineries about him. A superb swordsman despite his age, he is also a fair shot, though it is his inspirational genius on the battlefield and campaign that his true worth shines.


A byword for leadership and inspired soldiering, Duc Arnaud de Valuac, Chevalier a Desonne, former Grand-Marishal of Serroya has been soldiering since he was 15 and young Ensign. A national and military hero in his native Serroya, his legend has grown over the years to heroic proportions, though he has largely remained untouched by ambition or politics (almost unheard of in Serroyan nobility and the officer corps). Married to Angenie, he has 3 daughters, 2 sons and innumerable grand and great grand-children, though in light of his defection from Serroya over his dissatisfaction and unhappiness over what he calls the “abhorrent and Un-Serroyan conduct of the nation he once loved as his only mistress”, his family has fled to Villaro in The Heel of Accitaine where they have sought and been given refuge by the elders of the city.

Since then, he has joined The Sworn of the Goddess and now serves as their grand strategist and Marshall; some wonder if this is his attempt to seek redemption for his being part of the Last Southerly Crusade in Llamedryn, where he led the Serroyan Forces as part of a coalition of Serroyan, Varrunan and Society forces in defeating the Llamen people that culminated in the Battle of High Falls River, a noted black day of atrocity and carnage that to many stains the honour of the 3 military powers involved.

In person he is modest, but as strong as a rock beneath a river.

He is a noted friend of General Guy Xamander, for the 2 have served against one another in the odd campaign; in fact, the pair each praise the other as the greater of the two.

Arnaud de Valuac

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