To the Island

Where they meet "a man of wealth and taste..."

The presence of a Society vessel this large in the area is a sobering one, and weighs on peoples minds as the day goes on, and anxious eyes scan the surrounding skies in case it or its dependent vessels make an appearance again. However, as the pressures drop in the barometer and the day comes to evening, the threat of bad weather is made real as a storm comes fast upon the Bright Raptor and its crew, and all who are not capable above decks are sent below.

The storm that follows is ferocious and much like the unnatural ones experienced back in Heidelgard with purplish lightning and winds that howl like the charge of the dead; the presence of The Verses of Life and Glory Everlasting on board the ship halts the more extreme elements of this unnatural storm but the winds damage the airship over the 2 relentless days that the storm lasts, with all aboard feeling worn down a little from the continual fight for sleep and stability, however in the course of the night going onto the 14th, the winds die down and the battered airship is let alone by the evils of the storm.

On the 14th of the Aft of Spring, 520 AC

Tired eyes and weary limbs are the order of the day as the ship stirs, and the extent of the damage to their doughty ship becomes evident; repairs are carried out but all their spare materials are consumed and with still some work needed, the need for raw materials like wood becomes important, and the battered ship moves to the west, lower in the sky and on the look out for land that might have what they need. It’s eyes on, as this far out charts are unreliable at best and non existent at worse, so it is with good luck that a small island is sighted just past noon; it is a couple of miles square, and whilst the western side is a windswept mix of rock and scree, the eastern side over the ridge is forested with a mix of conifers and deciduous, perfect for their needs. The ship descends as preparations are made for the harvest of materials.

The ship comes to a halt the standard 10 feet above the ground and crew and party alight, with Skal Dreissel and Jorik aiding the gathering of materials with the crew; Geesje Van Kuipers heads off to hunt for some food, as Fullica Atra and Bernie Ven Gillanders head off to look for alchemical reagents and Zeru Otxoa accompanies Calliszia Myinarra as she looks for some useful herbs to aid in her medicines. The mysterious Avaristrato Wren heads off on her own, unseen, to scout.

All is fine until, half a mile from the ship, Calliszia and Zeru are surprised when a Huge scorpion, hidden in the undergrowth, ambushes and attacks a pair of goats that the pair had their eyes on, and a fight develops as the huge pincered creature attacks, causing no small damage to Zeru who uses his pistols and wit to extricate himself from the clutches of the beast. As he and Calliszia retreat (with him carrying her as his Mythic Speed buys time for them both), another Deadfall Scorpion (for that is what they are) emerges from the undergrowth in answer to the pained distress of its mate, uncomfortably near Geesje. In the fight that follows some injury is taken, though the combined efforts of Fullica, Bernie, Geesje, Calliszia and Zeru overcome the scorpion menace. As Calliszia heals Geesje and Zeru of their wounds, Fullica, aided by Bernie remove the poison glands from the scorpions, and then Geesje takes some of the chitin from the beasts with a view to having armour made from it in future. Soldiers, accompanied by Jorik and Skal arrive in response to the sounds of battle, and as the soldiers take the poison glands and chitin back to the airship, the familiar voice of Wren is heard, indicating to the party that she has found something of interest and for them to follow her.

She leads them to a cave on the upper slopes of the north of the island, sheltered from the elements. Inside the very dry sanded floor of the cave lie 2 skeletons, there for hundreds of years judging by their dry and brittle condition. Surprisingly neither skeleton animates to attack, and thus the party investigate the scene. One is female, and Fullica establishes that this woman died from the great blunt trauma experienced along the right side of the body. It lies, placed in comfortable repose, and the male, armoured in a curious scaled armour of unusual silvery bronze alloy was killed by an apparent suicide, his gleaming sword of unusual and exotic style thrust up into his ribs in some ritual manner. Both wear holy symbols of Korvaio but also the 2 potion flasked symbol identified as that of Bharnarol, an Empyreal Lord associated with Inventors, artisans and creators.

They also find a wedding ring on each finger, with strange writing on the inside of each band. The female also wears a fine ring of platinum as well. There are decayed and useless signs of glass vials and rotted books as well, and it is clear that this pair have lain here for a long time indeed. Jorik conducts a burial for the pair, with the sword, the armour (which can be used again with new leather fittings), the 3 rings and the holy symbols being taken back to the ship. The rest of the day sees the gathering of the needed supplies, with some good herbs and reagents being found by Calliszia and Fullica respectively. The airship makes camp for the night, as Fullica prepares to analyse the found items using her extracts.

On the 15th of the Aft of Spring, 520 AC

As the fixed and ready airship makes its way west again with the coming of the morning, Fullica identifies the items. The armour is magical, very light and of a wrought perfection unseen in modern Accitaine. The sword is similar, magical and unnaturally keen of edge, and lethally balanced. The paired rings are wedding bands, named for Magira (the female) and Kaethon(the male), and allow the wearers to feel the emotional moods of the other and also offer some form of protection to the other as well. The last item is the platinum ring, seemingly a Ring of Wizardry. The holy symbols are merely that, of great archaeological interest but no magic within them. The ship continues on with the armour being fitted for Calliszia (who bears no armour for now, but is now trained in its use), and the other items divvied out to the others as needed. The day passes without further event.

From the 16th to the 20th of the Aft of Spring, 520 AC

The next days are quietly routine, with Fullica learning Draconic as others aboard the ship become more practised at their tasks and deeds. This is changed when on the afternoon of the 20th a huge storm (practically a hurricane) is seen to the west, and the familiar scratching of The Imprint is heard by Fullica from her writing case. The mysterious entity informs her that his time is short and that he shall soon be whisked back to the island as they approach, and he has come to give one last piece of aid, namely a strange series of glyphs and runes he creates from his ink and her paper, that seems to act as an odd compasslike image. With this, he vanishes and there is an air of finality in his last scratchings. At about the same time, a shout from the Nest is heard, for the “Conviction” has just breached the clouds half a mile behind them, an imposing bulk forging against the winds. Skilfully Erzbetta Slalek manages to take refuge in a cloud bank before being seen, though it is a close thing.

Fullica heads up to speak to Erzbetta and Adjutant-Major Merten Sivennius in the helmroom, and she explains that their path lies into that great storm to the west, using this curious magical compass to guide them; indeed, wind currents and a path is in the imagery as it swirls above the paper, and with the threat of the Society Battleship nearby, their path seems set. They head towards the storm, it getting closer as the skies darken, and as the day draws to a close, they are caught into the maestrom. This storm is different to the recent one, no purple lightning, but with a powerful swirling vortex of winds. It soon appears to those in the helmroom that the compass and the winds are guiding their path and that all Erzbetta can do is adjust steering.

Time passes (hours or minutes, it becomes hard to tell) and the tired crew are anxious, for their is an eery quality to this storm, and when word comes from Geesje via the message stone that she can see glowing rocks and boulders flying towards the ship, Erzbetta does what she can to steer out of their way. Some light damage is taken and the Port-Prow cannon is wrenched away into the storm, but no casualties or greater damage is endured, and now aware, they manage to avoid the worst of the field of rocks, boulders and stones they now fly in, all of which are glowing a blueish-purple. Some more time passes as they are pulled further into the vortex, when suddenly the wind seems to stop suddenly, though the rocks still seem to keep spinning. The airship floats with the rocks in some kind of pattern, and with it being totally dark outside, nothing remains but for sentries to be posted and sleep to be grabbed.

On the 21st of the Aft of Spring, 520 AC

As daylight comes quickly, 10 minutes from dusk to dawn, the bizarre and awesome majesty of The Isle of Kellestine is visible. A flying island, now measuring 2 miles by 3 miles, overrun with trees, swamplands and undergrowth lies before them. A large hill with some towered structure is in the northernmost part of the Isle, with numerous waterfalls pouring off the sides of the Isle into the swirling void below. Birds can be seen flying in the trees, as hundreds (likely thousands) of rocks and stones of varying sizes swirl at varying speeds about the Isle, including the largest some hundreds of feet across, orbiting some hundreds of feet above them and to the south west of them. A huge, domed palace like structure is visible in the centre of the Isle next to a huge lake, and as they start a slow orbit of the Isle, all are gathered at the railings marvelling at the incredible oddity before them. Ruined structures are visible in the great forests below them, and also a darkened, miasmic swamp is seen as well, causing all to instinctively realise that bad things may have happened there.

A large ruined greenhouse is seen in the northwest of the isle as they pass by it, and they find themselves catching up with the large orbiting island, with the curious sight of wood and metal walkways connecting openings in the rocky underside of the island, and as they start to rise to get a view of the top of the isle, they see briefly see a curious, metallic gleaming humanoid figure walking along one of them, before it passes into an opening and out of sight. As they rise up and over the lip of the isle, they see a well appointed series of buildings, like an affluent farm holding, with well laid out and orderly strips of vegetables, fruit trees and even what seems to be a pair of greenhouses all laid out around a central building. More of the metallic figures seem to be at work, watering plants, tending to trees and generally doing work. An open tower atop the central building is of note, for a hooded figure stands watching them, and before it turns and descends back into the building, Fullica can see, through a spyglass that the figure is male, and though only the lower part of his face is visible, his mouth and lips have the unmistakeable staining and discolouring of an Alchemist. The metal figures all, as one, turn and head towards the central building and enter, and the Bright Raptor continues on.

They make the circuit of the Isle, seeing what may have one been settlements within the heavily forested canopy. The hill in the north is about 600 feet high, and with the tower on the building there being 50 feet in diameter and 300 feet high seeming like a perfeect docking station for the airship, they come in to land.

The airship is made fast to the structure, and as an away team of the party, some soldiers, Wren, Erzbetta and Bernie descend, whilst the Adjutant-Major remains in command of the airship and on high alert. Once satisfied that all are ready, they descend with Geesje on point. The spiral staircase, made of marble is wide and sweeping, and the first 2 rooms they pass have a definite arcane feel about them, with Fullica and Erzbetta confirming that this place may have been used as some place of conjuring and summoning.

Geesje comes arounf the corner to the 3rd room down, and the rest see her stand with mouth falling open, when a rich, warm and suave voice from within the room bids them enter.

As they come around the corner, they see a summoning circle with a ring of candles, forever burning blue. Within it, rising smoothly from a comfortable seat at a well appointed writing bureau, is a tall, muscular figure, red skinned, dark haired with horns on his brow as well as great horns sweeping from his back and pointing forward into wickedly sharp looking points. Scrolls and parchments of unsettling writing are liberally draped across his person, and his expression is of affable and pleased interest in them. A small figure, like a slim gargoyle with red skin and aquiline features and batlike wings and a barbed tail sits on the desk and waves cheerily to them, especially Fullica.

Greetings, good travellers, I am Kyssamon and I am so pleased you could come, for I think we have so much to talk about…



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