Of Devils, Alchemists and other things

and what happens now

The figure indicates they all enter, and is courteous and gracious despite being the most outlandish thing seen by the majority of them. Calliszia Myinarra looks hard at him and then, in a cruel and harsh sounding language dripping with untold nuances of menace, says something to this Kyssamon, whose charming and suave manner seems to take a hitch for a moment before he carries on. Calliszia states that she knows his true name and so has forced him to deal fairly and in no way make a play for the souls of any humans, for he is, and this is borne out by the rememberings of some of the party on the Planes, a Contract Devil. Jorik is appalled at the Evil emanating from the creature, for whilst his reading of Chagurh Xabo alarmed him, what stands before them is a being so steeped in Evil and wickedness that it shocks him greatly.

What follows is a conversation with Kyssamon who indicates that he was summoned hundreds of years ago (about the time of the Cataclysm, likely a few years after) by Kellestines rebellious and ambitious apprentice Comatko who was leading a coup against his mistress; it seemed that Comatko could not agree terms with Kyssamon and subsequently Kyssamon has been stuck in this circle; the only thing he could do was send his Imp servant Kassovicus (otherwise known as The Imprint ) after the fleeing Comatko (who fled the island once his insurrection had been crushed) in the guise of a line of writing (to get around the conventions of his own binding); this was to aid Kyssamon in gaining his freedom some how, and also to see if the Imp could secretly bring about the painful and final end of the treacherous Comatko. As it turned out, the Imp chips in and states that Comatko made the spectacularly fatal error of making landfall in Amarkacha and then compounding his error by trying to throw his weight around with a local tribe, who wasted little time in capturing him and then leisurely torturing him to death; it took a gratifyingly long time, the Imp winks.

Since then, Kassovicus has been flitting around Accitaine trying to find a was to free his master, with little success for many reasons. In the meantime, Kyssamon has resided in the binding circle, patiently awaiting any kind of rescue or diversion. He is able to warn them of a threat to them, a Demon called Mallad’Fal who leads a contingent of Comatkos summoned Abyssal supporters. Mallad’Fal himself is an Incubus, but one changed and empowered by the island and so more deadly as a result. The party quickly realise that the Devil before them has little knowledge of outside his circle as he has been stuck here the whole time, and whilst he has some mildly useful details, such as there being some human elsewheres on the island who Mallad’Fal wishes greatly to capture, they leave him where he is and leave, as this human, likely the one seen on the smaller island orbiting the main isle, is worth speaking to. Kyssamon watches with patient and impassive mien as they depart.

They up anchor in the Bright Raptor and head over to the flying island, keeping an eye on the forest and trees below, and see a couple of goatlike humanoids briefly in a clearing before making their approach towards the lesser island. As they approach, 3 of the metallic looking figures emerge from the main building and set themselves in a line between the wide green field the ship makes ready to land at and the main buildings. As the ship sets down, with all on guard in case of attack, they see that a number of superb statues in good maintenance are set around this lawn area, all seemingly of the same woman, sometimes in fine clothing, sometimes in armour and girt for battle. It soon dawns on them that the woman, unusual looking, is not a Human, but may well be an Elf.

The away teams of Fullica Atra , Geesje Van Kuipers, Jorik, Skal Dreissel, Zeru Otxoa and Calliszia alights and makes their careful way towards the figures, who make no move to attack; just as well, for the constructs are 10 foot tall and to Fullicas eye, alchemical in creation and origin. One indicates they follow and leads them to the main house, opening the main door and waiting to the side. Inside, they see it is a kitchen area, but one with a decidedly alchemical bent to it, with marvellous machines and apparatus working away. Fullica is beyond impressed with the quality and precision of the tools here, and as they move further into the house to a library, this deepens as the signs and indications are that here is a formidable intellect with a grasp of Alchemy far beyond what is known to man let alone her own. The hundreds of books on the shelves seem mostly to be in the same handwritten script, with bizarre and technical titles and no signature of author named.

Throughout the well appointed house (in good style if a little antiquated) there are also busts, paintings and small reliefs of the same Elven woman seen outside, and something in the womans face nags at Fullicas mind. The next door adjacent to the library leads into a smaller study, and within is the man who Fullica saw previously. He is tall, strong looking and likely in his 20’s (or so it seems). He is definitely an Alchemist and a very experienced one judging by his stained fingers and lips, but the dark greay feathered wings that grow from his back are noteworthy, as is his unreadable flinty stare.

The party introduce themselves first, and he introduces himself in turn after a moments pause, as “Seren”. He points at Calliszia and asks what she is, for he has seen through her Disguise, surmising that she is a Half Celestial or somesuch; she replies that she is something like that. What follows is a tentative conversation as they explain why they are here, and quickly realise that whilst not hostile (yet), Seren has no particular interest in the fate of humanity, indeed going so far as to wonder if it is actually worth saving from the Oblivion that awaits it (“Some people would welcome Oblivion you know”). Still, they have been civil and have not attempted anything untoward, so he offers them some advice on the matter of the Isle; they must gain the trust and support of the ruler of the Isle, one Tisiphoni Bissara, the former lover and favoured apprentice to Kellestine (who died from a foul lingering magical poison attack by Comatko before he fled). Tisi, as she is known died some years after her mistress and upon her death her soul was transferred by contingency magic into a form for same keeping, the intent for Immortal (but not invulnerable as it turned out) Kellestine to find a way to bring her back. Now, Tisi is the ruler of the Isle, though there are other threats that have endured, and Seren advises they need her aid if they plan to achieve their ends. He also asks, on the subject of the Orb of Dragons, that as it is a cruel method of entrapment that makes it work, if they can destroy the item instead of ask for it, as its prisoner does in no way deserve the heinous fate that binds it within.

Over a meal, brought in by servitor constructs they talk some more, and it becomes apparent that what many humans did following the Cataclysm, whipped on by the early Society, was monstrous acts of genocide against non-humans and their supporters, and it is obvious that the hatred and enmity towards the Society Seren has is total. Fullica carefully raises the subject of the Elven woman in the arts seen around the isle. He carefully states she was his wife Milliandara, and that they met years before the Cataclysm and the Plague on his travels to Lyashka. His love and obsessive devotion to her is still apparent even after hundreds of years, and suddenly Fullica remembers where she has seen the face; inside the Proscribed Wing of the University Library was a large metal and glass tank, full of some greenish hued gas, and within the gas was the still fresh seeming body of an armoured Elven woman, with an obvious spear head embedded in her side. Fullica carefully mentions this to him, and his response is strong though carefully reigned in. Only by further talk does Seren confirm her talking truth and that it is indeed his dead wife.

He becomes more helpful, for he would like to see his wife’s face again (and indeed to take back her body instead of being a museum piece), and offers more aid (some powerful potions of healing) and advice, principally that the Palace of Blossoming-Steel has remained shut and impervious for close to 150 years and any attempt as it stands to approach will result in attack by Golem defenders that the party will have little chance of defeating. What is needed is the aid of an “Enhanced Servitor”, one of Tisi’s favoured Clockwork Constructs that has a persons soul bound within, for Tisi realised that her mortal followers would die and not see the afterlife after the death of Korvaio, and so created a means to save her people into a form like hers. One such servitor is known to Seren, and goes by the name of Fix. It was not within the Palace when it closed, and though he does not know the exact location now, he can use some means to locate the general area to aid them.

Other Clockwork constructs exist outside but are mindless automatons, and so unsuitable to aid. He also passes a phrase in Bessengiran (the language of Tisi and Kellestines people) that will indicate that he vouches for them. His advice is to watch out for Mallad’Fal and his small army of Schir Demons (also known as Spite Demons), but also to beware the large Hydra known as “Old Snappy” that lairs in the swampy and waterlogged remains of the Menagery to the south, and also the Catoblepas, a magical escapee from the Menagery that still trawls around the southern island. Other threats exist as well, like the Undead Hauntings in the north east.

After some checking he returns and confirms that Fix is somewhere in the south of the Isle, before the party make ready to leave. He also advises to beware of any dealings with the Devil Kyssamon (he has never spoken to it but he knows their kind) for their interest is always in acquiring souls and corrupting mortals, no matter what else they do. They depart and decide to head to speak to Kyssamon again about Mallad’Fal and any further information he might have, and after a brief conversation, he informs them that Mallad’Fal eats or consumes magic and magical items, due to his arcane imbued nature. They speak briefly by message stone to Wren who had not returned to the ship originally and had instead scouted the north of the Isle. She had a run in with the Schir who can see Invisible as it turns out (a spirited chase there then), and also saw that they take orders from a small winged ugly creature not unlike an Imp (Fullica thinks it may be a Quasit) that flies fast and can go invisible. She shall remain on the ground for now, scouting alone as is her best was and tracking the airship when she needs to relay information. She does advise a look at the Observatory the tower is part of however. With that she is gone again.

The party do indeed see the Observatory, a huge and complex series of machines and arcane contraptions that might act as a map of the heavens of the world. It is currently inactive, but all would dearly love to see it in working order. With curiosity sated for now and the day wearing on, they board the ship (ignoring Kyssamon and the Imp as they do) and the Bright Raptor maintains a circling orbit of the Isle for safety when night comes.

On the 22nd of the Aft of Spring, 520 AC

The ship rouses itself to a bright day and it starts its journey south over the island, flying a couple of hundred feet above the canopy, passing over the lake where the Water Orm Regards them curiously with reptilian eyes. They decide to head to the ruins of the town called Forge in the south east of the isle, hoping that is the likely place where Fix can be found. As they pass over the overgrown ruins of houses and buildings below, they see a gap in the trees that might be an old town square with a river running through it, and sharp eyes spot a metallic figure standing motionless on the overgrown flagstones. It seems likely, so the ship comes in lower above a large building with a tree growing out of its roof and with several soldiers setting themselves up on the roof, the party, accompanied by Bernie, make their way down to the ground using a mixture of climbing, ropes and in Fullicas case, Featherfall.

On the ground, the ruined township (once larger, but much fell away when the isle became smaller) is eerily quiet except for birds and occasional animal sounds, and they approach the curious figure. It is short at 5 feet tall, with 4 arms ending in mechanical hands and other tools, sitting broadly on 3 sturdy legs. Its head has a number of off bumps and glasslike lenses upon it and all in all, it is a curious thing. It does not stir as they approach, and with the rest hanging back at the ready, Skal (being technicallish) approaches and examines it. He cleans off the moss, mold and vines growing about it, and sees that the metal it is made from is likely a version of that which the sword, armour and holy symbols taken from the Scorpion Island is made from. He is impressed with the level of technical precision involved in the making of this clockwork thing, and locates a flap he can open without too much difficulty on the things back, Taking a tool from the things mid section that seems to fit, he places it into the opened slot which makes a satisfying clock, and starts to turn the key…



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